Quick notes:

- Online operations have continued. There is currently a FREESHIP code available to all who purchase online. All PPE is worn during packing. 

- Please call ahead to your local shop to make sure we are open at this time. All shops are operating on reduced hours of 10am to 4pm. 

- Boat operations have resumed in restricted capacity. It is $149 per person. Face coverings required while on board. Boat is limited to 10 divers only. 

- Beach Operations are 6am - 10am during the week and 6am - 12pm during the weekend. Open for divers. Please stay safe while conducting diving! 

- We are still teaching pool operations with specific steps to ensure safety for all participants.

- We have face coverings from Henderson. Those are awesome ways to cover the face easily and walk around 

Oceanreef has created an emergency breathing adapter for the Full Face Snorkel Mask Aria and Sea Vu HEAD Masks

Beach Cities Scuba is taking steps for a safe environment.

As many of you know, the COVID-19 outbreak is currently affecting many institutions throughout the nation. This is quickly creating unexpected and unprecedented challenges for business. Your safety is our top priority.
The health and safety of you and your community is most important. Stay up to date and informed on ways to protect your health and others at official sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)World Health Organization (WHO), and your local health department.
At this time, we are planning to continue operations at Beach Cities Scuba while taking extra steps to ensure a safe environment.
Here are some in-store steps we are taking to ensure your safety:
  • We are systematically cleaning and disinfecting our common sites. All classrooms, restrooms, point of sale areas and more are receiving a thorough cleaning.
  • We have purchased hundreds of mouthpieces for rental users and will continue the disinfecting process pre and post rental.
  • Our pools are currently at the appropriate levels of chlorine.
  • The Riviera boat is consistently cleaned from bow to stern after every trip. We have implemented extra measures to disinfect after our trips.
  • Our filtration process is among the cleanest forms of air you can receive in a scuba tank. The risk of receiving anything other than clean, dry air in our systems is below the 0.09% mark.
Online sales
Our partners and warehouses have taken quick steps to ensure products continue to arrive to your home in a timely manner. For those of you worried about human to human contact, we offer numerous online options to minimize that exposure.