Whether you're looking to start your adventure or continue your adventure, Beach Cities Scuba Centers offers the training program tailored to your needs. We serve the greater Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles areas!

Gain experience in the PADI Advanced Open Water program, or master special skills through specialty instruction in areas such as underwater navigation, digital photography, fish identification, deep diving, or shipwreck exploration.

Every course we offer is designed to be flexible for your schedule, rewarding, and fun! From Open Water, to Professional Training, Beach Cities Scuba Centers is your choice for high-quality training in Southern California! 

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Basic Courses

OW program in Orange County

Advanced and Certified Diver Courses

Advanced Diving in Orange County, CA

Freediver Courses

Freediver courses in Orange County

Rescue Courses

Rescue Divers in Wood's Cove

CPR Courses

CPR courses in Orange County

Specialty Courses

Specialty Courses in Orange County

Professional Courses

IDC in Orange County, CA

Technical Diver Courses

TecRec Courses in Orange County

PADI training courses

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