$ 70.00 USD

Aqua Lung Maui Mask

If you dive with a subsurface machine gun (or just want to give off that combat diver vibe), the Maui is for you. A popular choice among military and professional divers, this utilitarian mask gets the job done with a large, single lens, stealthy black silicone skirt, and rugged build.


  • Function over Form. This large, low-volume, single-lens design puts function before fashion with excellent visibility in all directions.
  • Secure. Simple strap and buckle system securely locks your strap adjustments in place.
  • Natural Skirt Fit. High-grade silicone facial skirt flexes to mold naturally along the contours of your face for a comfortable, leak-free seal.
  • Tempered Glass Lens. For your safety and the mask’s longevity, the lens is made of tempered glass to guard against cracks and shattering, even under pressure and stress. Meets ANSI standards.