30-Dive Challenge

Welcome Conqueror of the Depths!

You have waded into the 30 Dive Challenge Dive Log Submission Area! 


Please submit your proof of 30 logged dives below. 
This is a good place to put your 30 dives on your computer dive log (single sheet capability) or written logs from your logbook. Remember to have your dive buddy verify these dives for you! 
Do not worry! If you need to Submit more than once, that is OK!!!
Here's some examples! 
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*These dives are at a minimum depth of 15 feet for a minimum time of 20 minutes with a minimum surface interval of 15 minutes. Participant will provide a signed logbook entry or uploaded dive log from a dive computer to be eligible to enter the raffle. Dives can be accomplished anywhere in the world. Divers can submit their completed logs and proof to info@beachcitiescuba.com or utilize the submission area for the contest. Logs are only eligible if they are dated between November 1st - December 31st, 2023. Contest ends on December 31st, 2023. Winners will be announced prior to January 15th, 2024.