Brand - SEAC

SEAC, founded in 1971 in Colombano Certenoli, is the form and idea of Attilio Rapallini and Marco Arata. Over time the Arata family became the majority shareholder of SEAC and today, thanks to the indispensable contribution of Daniel, son of the founder, SEAC is a leading company for the world of underwater activities. Projects of this kind are not realized in a day, but with long-term commitment, competence, ability and unending passion. Founded as a workshop for the production of metallurgical arrows and tridents for spear guns in the 1990s, SEAC has recognized the strong need for a full range of products for diving. SEAC enters the new millennium as the worldwide leader in the industry, designing, producing and distributing any item essential to activities. 

Today, design, development and prototypes at SEAC are all Italian and unique, with control over the finished product done manually. Each piece is checked and tested as a unit in a meticulous manner. The company policy is to be able to combine quality with the most optimal price that caters to the current market interest in diving. 

$ 35.00 USD
$ 44.90 USD
$ 59.90 USD
$ 269.00 USD
$ 184.95 USD
$ 295.00 USD
$ 23.00 USD $ 29.00 USD
$ 99.00 USD