What is included?

The cost of the course includes instruction for the five advanced dives and rental of the scuba equipment (wetsuit, bcd, reg, weight belt, tank).

What dives will I do?

There are two required dives – deep and underwater navigation. Your other three dives can be chosen from a list of electives encompassing everything from night diving to fish identification! Prior to each dive we will review that completed knowledge review in your book, then you go diving. No class sessions or tests – all learning through diving!

What gear is required?

Each student is required to have their personal snorkeling gear, just like in the open water course – mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves. For the advanced course you will also need a dive knife, signaling device and timing device/computer. If you don’t already have this gear, you can purchase everything from Beach Cities Scuba at a discounted price!

What additional costs are there?

You will need the Padi Advanced Open Water Manual ($39.95). You will also need to do at least one day of diving off a boat to complete the deep dive. The cost of a boat trip is $115. The rest of the dives can also be done off a boat, or can be completed off the beach. You will also need to pay the Padi certification fee ($37). Certain elective dives require purchase of additional gear. For example, if you choose to do the night dive you will need dive lights.

How does scheduling work?

The advanced course with Beach Cities Scuba is designed to be highly flexible and can be customized to your schedule. We typically do two dives a day, so you can count on needing three days of training to complete the course.

How do I schedule?

Once you have purchased the course online or through your local BCS shop just email classes@beachcitiescuba.com. Include your name, phone number and email along with any special instructions like when you need to be finished or times you are not available and one of our schedulers will contact you to confirm the dates of your class!