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Demo an AquaLung Drysuit!
"Dry suit selection is a perplexing task, at best. There are numerous variables that need to be considered when choosing to make the substantial investment into this deceivingly complex piece of equipment. 

I was recently given the opportunity to dive with the Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet Dry Suit with the AirCore breathable liner, and my first impressions of the suit were very positive. The outer layer is extremely flexible, and gives the suit a very streamlined look and feel which gave me an initial impression that this suit would do everything it could to reduce my drag profile in the water. 
Now, on to the important stuff... How does it dive? In short, this suit is amazing! I currently own 5 dry suits, including this one, from several manufacturers and made from several different materials. This suit outperforms them all."
-Nick L.