Corona Del Mar is a very popular area for many dive classes. With its protected positioning and sandy areas, it makes an excellent flat, sandy site that divers can explore safely. Boating is also restricted here, making CDM a viable spot to train divers. This dive site is shallow and a bit of a walk if you are using the large parking area to get ready with your gear. 

This beach is part of the Crystal Cove State Marine Conservation Area, but you can hunt here! Lobsters, sand bass and halibut are ripe for the taking in this area. 

This area is also home to a collapsed structure and a barge that held materials for boaters. One can go in after a storm and find old-style soda bottles for their collection of artifacts for display!  

There is a southeastern kelp forest and some major pinnacles to look at in the deeper depths. Mini-walls and large rocks litter the area, making this a protected home for many types of fish. 
Parking here is plentiful and $15 a day. 
At the site, you'll have access to bathrooms, a lifeguard station as well as multiple showers. 
Also use caution when entering and exiting the water. There is a life guard stand at this location. For added safety, make sure you have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), a knife and an underwater light to check out the little critters hiding among the reef! 


This location is not in the Marine Protected Area

At this location, you will find Sheephead, Garibaldi, Senoritas, Bat Rays, Sand Bass, Sculpin and much, much more! 

Max/Min Depths: 0' - 30'
Range Temps: 52-78 degrees F
Average Clarity: Ranges from 5' to 25'+