In 1949, a Navy reserve pilot assigned to Los Alamitos Naval Air Station was forced to conduct an emergency landing of his F4U Corsair approximately a half mile off of Crystal Cove. Escaping with injury, he was picked up and the F4U Corsair submitted to the bottom in a matter of minutes. 

The engine was salvaged,but a majority of the plane remains in its discovered spot. 

The plane is heavily damaged from anchors and fishing activity, but there is a hull there and partially deteriorated wings to explore. 

Use caution when entering and exiting the water. There is a life guard stand at this location, so make sure you ask the lifeguard about the water conditions before you enter the water (if they are present). They are there for your safety and well being while conducting in-water activities! For added safety, make sure you have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), a knife and an underwater light to check out the little critters hiding among the reef! 

This location is not in the Marine Protected Area.

At this location, you will find Sheephead, Garibaldi, Senoritas, Bat Rays, Sand Bass, Sculpin and much, much more! 

Max/Min Depths: 70'
Range Temps: 52-78 degrees F
Average Clarity: Ranges from 5' to 25'+