Welcome to Little Corona! This dive site is linked to the larger Corona Del Mar area (a popular dive site for PADI Instructor Examinations). This dive site is shallow and a bit of a walk if you are using the large parking area to get ready with your gear. 

Being an exposed reef site, this dive is host to a plethora of passing animals. You'll see all types of stuff on this dive. During summer, you'll navigate your way through many a shore-goer to get to the entrance point of the dive. Parking here is $15 for the day and is hosted by an electronic meter that a human enforces. So, don't try to park for cheaper and then walk away. You'll get a ticket! 


If you use the parking access up at the top of the hill and love great workouts in full scuba equipment, you will have quite the walk.
At the site, you'll have access to bathrooms, a lifeguard station as well as multiple showers. 
Once you are in the water, head over to the rocks and descend. You'll have beautiful formations to look at as well as a healthy kelp bed. 


Also use caution when entering and exiting the water. There is a life guard stand at this location. For added safety, make sure you have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), a knife and an underwater light to check out the little critters hiding among the reef! 

This location is not in the Marine Protected Area

At this location, you will find Sheephead, Garibaldi, Senoritas, Bat Rays, Sand Bass, Sculpin and much, much more! 

Max/Min Depths: 0' - 30'
Range Temps: 52-78 degrees F
Average Clarity: Ranges from 5' to 25'+