One of the better little known secrets of Orange County scuba diving is Newport Pier. On a good day, you'll reach normal depths of around 20-30 feet and can continue out into the sand to reach one of the canyons that drops into the 100 foot range. But, there is plenty of stuff to explore in Newport Pier. 

You'll get some amazing shots during sunrise and sunset based on the waning light against the pylons that make up the pier. There are plenty of fishermen here on this site, so be mindful of entanglement or potential snagging from a topside land lover. 

Always use caution when entering and exiting the water. There is no life guard stand at this location. For added safety, make sure you have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), a knife and an underwater light to check out the little critters hiding among the reef! 

This location is not in the Marine Protected Area.

At this location, you will find Sheephead, Garibaldi, Senoritas, Bat Rays, Sand Bass, Sculpin and much, much more! 

Max/Min Depths: 0' - 100'
Range Temps: 52-78 degrees F
Average Clarity: Ranges from 5' to 25'+