Full Face Masks in Cypress, CA

A new kind of diving. Imagine breathing from you nose? Having the ability to communicate with other divers? Experience warmth across your face and enjoying a larger viewing window than a standard dive mask! 

The full face mask is for you! 

The PADI distinctive specialty course starts with a classroom session looking at the equipment and configuration considerations. We will use the OCEAN REEF Neptune series masks.

You will not only learn how to handle the mask underwater, but to also communicate with it. Why not join us for some comfortable diving! 

Talking underwater

As an option, you can also have a communications system fitted to the OCEAN REEF full face mask, including a microphone inside the mask and an ear piece that is connected via the mask straps. There were a number of steps and rules to learn as part of underwater communication, which include:

  • Pressing the button to begin transmitting. After hearing the activation beep, wait a few seconds before speaking.
  • Speak slowly and pronounce your words carefully.
  • Every communication should end with the word “over”.

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