Scuba Instruction in Laguna Beach, CA

Paperwork is the lifeblood of the professional! If you currently cannot log in to your PADI Pro website, we have some paperwork you may find useful before, during and after your IDC:


- Liability Release and Assumption of Risk

- Statement of Understanding

- Medical Statement (please fill this out within 12 months of your IE)

- PADI Membership and License Agreement

- Open Water Scuba Instructor Learning Agreement

Great administrative assistants

- Knowledge Development Evaluation Form

- Lesson Plan Form

Applications and Training Records

- Assistant Instructor Application

- OWSI Instructor Application

- IDC Staff Instructor Application

- Candidate Evaluation and Training Record

- IDC Staff Candidate Eval and Training Record

Other Administrative

- Incident Report Form 

- IE Statement of Understanding

Beach Cities Scuba Specific

- Open Water Orientation Slides

- Riviera Directions

- BCS Learning Agreement

- Emergency Form

- Student Equipment Rental Agreement