Three Arch Bay is located in South Laguna Beach, California. This site is easy to navigate with because there is literally three arches in a rock located here! 

Logistically, this is a location that is a bit hard to get to from shore and many divers with Riviera Yacht Charters enjoy diving here with ease. It is a shallower dive site that boasts low-lying rocks. There is kelp at this location and offers dramatic views from under the water.  If you haven't enjoyed kelp yet, you should see it soon!  

It is, of note, not considered a protected cove; which means wave action can get high and make this dive site a more advanced dive even with changing tides. Use caution when entering and exiting the water. There is no life guard stand at this location.

For added safety, make sure you have a Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), a knife and an underwater light to check out the little critters hiding among the reef! 

This location is not in the Marine Protected Area. You are allowed to hunt here. 

At this location, you will find Sheephead, Garibaldi, Senoritas, Bat Rays, Sand Bass, Sculpin and much, much more! 

Max/Min Depths: 0' - 30'

Range Temps: 52-78 degrees F

Average Clarity: Ranges from 5' to 25'+

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