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Beach Cities Scuba's highly talented instructor staff can assist you in your trek to becoming a better trained diver! We'll focus your education on specific tasks that are tailored to your diving needs. Maybe you enjoy taking photos, identifying fish or zooming through the water on a diver propulsion vehicle? Whatever your adventure, our staff is focused on training you in a professional environment that will accomplish your performance requirements and help you hone your specialized skills! 

If you are looking for the best adventure, get into the Master Scuba Diver Challenge! This course will take you to Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Emergency First Response and then your choice of FIVE specialties! Once you have completed this course, you'll have over 50 dives and be well versed in our underwater environment. It's the best deal we offer when you are looking at going into the specialized programs.

Check it out below or choose your adventure today!

Take the Master Scuba Diver Challenge! 

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Advanced Rebreather Diver

PADI Rebreather programs in California.

AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation

Project AWARE Coral Reef banners

Project AWARE specialist

Project AWARE program

AWARE Fish Identification

AWARE fish identification program


AWARE Shark Conservation

AWARE Shark Conservation programs

Boat Diver

PADI Boat Diver Specialty diver

Deep Diver

PADI deep diver specialties

Digital Underwater Photographer

PADI DUP program in Dana Point, CA

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

PADI DPV Diver program in California

Drysuit Diver

PADI Drysuit Divers in California

Emergency O2 provider

PADI Emergency O2 provider off boat

Enriched Air Diver

Nitrox and Enriched Air training for PADI

Equipment Specialist

PADI Equipment Specialist in Cypress, CA

Full Face Mask Diver

PADI Full Face Mask training in Cypress, CA

Multilevel Diver

Multi-level Divers on boat in California.

National Geographic Diver

NatGeo diver in cenotes.

Night Diver

PADI Night Divers in Shaw's Cove

Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver

PADI PPB program in Cali

Public Safety Diver

PADI Public Safety Diver in California

Rebreather Diver

PADI TecRec Rebreather training programs

Search and Recovery Diver

PADI Search and Recovery programs

Sidemount Diver

PADI Sidemount divers in Cypress, CA

Underwater Naturalist

PADI Underwater Naturalist program banner

Underwater Navigator

PADI Underwater Navigation classes

Underwater Photographer

PADI Underwater Photographer class banner


Underwater Videographer

PADI underwater videographer banners

Wreck Diver

PADI Wreck divers on the Yukon, San Diego, CA