$ 150.00 USD

AQ-Tec Women's Pants

The AQ-TEC shorts match great with the Vest and Long Sleeve tops. Comfortable to wear in warm conditions for a large variety of water sport activities. Perfect to use when kite boarding, surfing, or scuba diving.

How It's Made

SSMN Outer Layer – Super Stretch Multidirectional Nylon (SSMN) fabric provides you with unlimited natural freedom of movement for any activity. The Nylon fibers provide significant durability over the standard neoprene material from daily use, abrasion and UV light. The Nylon fibers are water resistant preventing water from adding weight to the garment.

MPTU Middle Layer - Microporous TPU Film (MTPU) is breathable to allow moisture and air to wick away from your skin while wearing out of the water for additional comfort. The MTP layer is windproof, which prevents wind chill, and is water resistant preventing once again from adding weight to the garment.

EPSF Inner Layer – Made from an advanced technology Elastic Polyester 4-Way Stretch Fleece (EPSF). The EPSF is a lofted fiber structure which creates thermal warmth from the water next to your skin to prevent the loss of body temperature and regulate core warmth. This Polyester Fleece is the best insulating material, which is also highly water resistant and durable. With the best feature of all being  that it is soft to the touch and non-chafing, adding hours and hours of enjoyment to all of your outdoor activities.


  • Thermal Protection Garment
  • Multi-Sport, Thermal Design
  • AQ-TEC Material: Beyond Diverse
  • 3-Ply Material
  • Full-Front YKK Salt Resistant Zipper