$ 55.00 USD

Caicos Fins

The new Caicos fin has an extended sole plate, which adds thrust and relieves strain on your foot. Simple and reliable strap adjustment system. Contoured foot pocket for maximum comfort. Fins can be used with or without booties. High grade polypropylene material. The directional channel, in the middle of the fin, increases propulsion efficiency. Vent spaces, on each side of the fin, releases water not involved with thrust.

Efficient Design

The Caicos fins are designed to be as efficient as possible by making fin thrusts much easier and increasing propulsion efficiency. The directional channel in the middle of the fin was constructed to help divers propel their fins much more efficiently, allowing them to swim around much quicker. Additionally, the vented spaces on each side of the fin were created to release water from the fin that is not involved in the thrust. Therefore, making each fin thrust much lighter, faster and ultimately easier.

Adjustable for Any Size

These fins feature a simple strap adjustment system to ensure that your set of Caicos fins are a perfect fit. There is no need to worry about a loose or tight fit with these fins, the adjustment system is super reliable.