$ 12.00 USD

Gobi Dry Phone Case

The Gobi is a floating phone dry bag with the thumbprint recognition. Keeps your phone protected while you enjoy your adventures. Great to use on the beach, boat or in a rain storm.


  • Waterproof welded construction
  • Hand locking closure
  • TPU iPhone version
  • Wrist/Neck Lanyard
  • Exterior Dimensions: 8” tall X 4” wide - 2oz

Take Your Phone Anywhere

This phone case makes taking your phone on any adventure, a limitless experience. Created with durable material and a welded waterproof construction, your phone is guaranteed to remain dry and safe wherever you decide to take it. Not only is this case waterproof, but it does in fact float as well making it impossible to lose if you take it into the water! Taking pictures, videos, or even bringing your phone along in case of an emergency on all your trips has never been this easy and safe.