$ 350.00 USD

Phantom Men's 3mm Quantum Stretch Back Zip Wetsuit

Our Quantum Stretch neoprene makes this wetsuit easy to put on and remove, while offering maximum mobility in warm waters. This form fitting 5mm back zip delivers style, comfort, and warmth.


  • Saltwater resistant zipper
  • Quantum Stretch material
  • Abrasion-resistant kneepads
  • Glued and blind stitched
  • Back zipper with long pull cord

Quantum Stretch

The unique characteristics of the nylon weave combined with the super lightweight neoprene rubber allows our Quantum Stretch suits extraordinary flexibility and stretch capabilities; resulting into a great fit. Through years of research and engineering, our neoprene experts have developed a four-way stretch nylon weave capable of withstanding the harsh elements of diving. The closely guarded, unique lamination process and a strategically designed pattern matched with lightweight, limestone based neoprene is the science behind AKONA Quantum Stretch wetsuits.

Earth Friendly Neoprene

AKONA understands the importance of reducing our dependence on oil-derived chemicals. Our earth-friendly neoprene uses limestone that is over 99.7% calcium and does not rely on oil as extensively as petroleum-based neoprene.