$ 24.00 USD

Apeks Scuba Regulator 2nd Stage Kit

Apeks XTX200, XTX100, XTX50, 100, 50, Fits All Models

Contains Standard overhaul replacement parts for the Apeks 2nd stages.

*Please Note the second image shows the Apeks diagram of ALL parts supplied to service Apeks regulators. The parts kit AP0219/AA is for the 2nd stage ONLY and only contains the appropriate parts. The diagram is used by service technicians to identify parts by size, or shape. Not all parts shown on diagram are included, only parts for kit specified.

ATTENTION: Regulator service and parts installation should ONLY be done by a TRAINED Apeks Technician - by purchasing this service kit you are agreeing to have it installed by a Factory Trained Service Tech.

2nd Stage Regulator Repair Kit for TX, ATX, XTX and Egress Scuba Regulators - P/N: AP0219/AA Includes:

  • (2) O-rings - P/N: AP1267
  • (2) O-rings - P/N: AP1438
  • (2) O-rings - P/N: AP1154
  • (1) O-ring - P/N: AP1409
  • (1) O-ring - P/N: AP2041
  • (1) Seating - P/N: AP2034
  • (1) O-ring - P/N: AP5711
  • (1) O-ring - P/N: AP1159