$ 47.50 USD

Get down to business with the Aleutian cold-water glove. Its bell-shaped wrist opening allows for hassle-free on and off and accommodates thick wetsuit cuffs comfortably. Silicone palm and finger pads provide tactile sensation and grip, even in cold water, and the curved fingers minimize hand fatigue.


  • Warm. Choose from 3mm or 5mm neoprene thicknesses, depending on your travel needs. Elastic closure minimizes water exchange.
  • Accommodates Thick Wetsuits. The bell-shaped wrist laps over even the thickest wetsuits, so there’s no gap in protection.
  • Sculpted Cut. No need to strain against thicker neoprene: fingers have a gentle, natural flexion to eliminate fatigue, facilitate gripping, and reduce bunching material on the inside of the hands. Ribbed back helps gloves retain their shape.
  • Protective Grip. Durable silicone palm and finger pads protect hands from abrasion and provide excellent control when handling gear or making adjustments underwater.
  • Comfortable. Four-way stretch neoprene gives you full range of motion.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging. Comes in a reusable mesh bag for easy drying and storage.