$ 30.00 USD

3mm Ergo Low Top Neoprene Socks

Even in warm waters, it's a good idea to protect your feet with socks. In addition to adding a layer of warmth, the low-top Ergo Neoprene Sock prevents blisters while wearing open-heel fins. It guards against scrapes and stings when wading in and out of the water during shore dives, and lets you walk at a safe pace on hot surfaces.


  • Best Fit. There’s no baggy, unused material due to the right and left foot-specific designs. The Ergo socks fit smoothly for warmth and sensation.
  • Grip. The grip on the sole prevents slipping to help you keep your balance while geared up.
  • Warm. Glued and blind-stitched seams prevent water from entering. The high top gives you room for overlap with your wetsuit, and 3mm-thick neoprene provides effective insulation.
  • Durable. The elastic-bound cuff keeps seams from fraying after repeated use and plenty of abuse.
  • Travel Friendly. Small, light, and soft, these socks fit easily into luggage.