$ 279.00 USD

Omni Air Cell

The Omni Air Cell comes equipped with Aqua Lung's Power Line Inflator with an increased fill rate which is now, one of the highest air flows in the industry. The Power Line is an environmentally sealed unit for less maintenance, has integrated hose clips for attachment to the LP hose for a streamline and low profile. The inflator is equipped with a cable activated rapid exhaust at the top, simply pull down on lower unit to dump air. Inflator also includes a 3/8" threaded low-pressure quick-disconnect hose for attachment to your first stage regulator. The 3-sizes of air cells allow you to choose lift capacities of 31 lbs. (14 kg) in small, 36 lbs. (16.3 kg) in medium and 47 lbs. (21.32 kg) in large. A 3-position bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation keeping the unit streamlined and reducing drag. Also included with the air cell are both upper and lower right pull dump valves. ModLock™ connectors easily click into place and are simply unlocked with a small tool such as a key or pen. Air cell comes with knife mounting grommets, D-rings and zippered pockets all for storage of accessory items.