$ 99.00 USD

The Storm is a great all-around fin ideal for travel. Produced using Monprene®, a single material construction that gives both durability and strength while maintaining exceptionally light weight - exactly what the traveling diver requires. The innovative foot pocket design has the advantage of a full foot fin for comfort with the versatility of an open-heel fin for adjustments. Available for juniors and adults.


  • Open Heel Design. Barefoot open heel fin, made in a single TPV compound Monprene®
  • Comfortable Fit. Ergonomic foot pocket ensures comfort, freedom and prevents fatigue
  • Easy On & Off. Silicone bungee strap equipped with heel pad for easy on-and-off
  • Powerful Strong compact blade aids in efficient power transfer
  • Reduce Slipping. Excellent grip on the underside to reduce slippage on deck
  • Great For Travel. Lightweight and designed for easy transport and storage