$ 59.00 USD

Aqua Lung's latest sportswear rash guards for women protect both skin and the reefs. Due to not having to use sunscreen chemicals, wearing an Aqua Lung sportswear rash guard during a surface interval or after a dive creates a perfect symbiosis between style and protecting the environment. The fabric mix used for the Sportswear Rash Guard is both stretchy and capable of blocking UV rays. The integrated underarm mesh panel create fresh air circulation and keep the body cool.


  • The Aqua Lung rash guard body fabric is 80 % polyester and 20 % elastane
  • The under-arm mesh panels provide optimal air circulation and keep cool
  • All the Aqua Lung rash guard body material provides UV protection of SPF50+, enough to protect from a sunburn but still comfortable to be worn on bare skin