$ 3,499.95 USD

X-Mission Evolution Tech Women's Drysuit


The X-Mission is ideal for the advanced technical diver, or the recreational diver who wants the best combination of flexibility and durability in a travel friendly package. This innovative drysuit uses our most advanced materials and construction methods, designed and purpose-built in partnership with a team of technical cave divers to meet their demanding requirements.  The lightweight and durable Nylon Ripstop trilaminate material is rated most flexible among all of our drysuits and is perfect for high abrasion resistance and movement in the water and on the surface. This suit is also easy to pack for travel.

Thoughtfully Designed

Every detail of this suit is designed to perform well in highly technical dive situations. Based on feedback from the Cavebase Team, we improved on standards and devised solutions to push the functionality of the X-Mission to levels that no other BARE drysuit has achieved. Put it up to any dive challenge and experience the superior fit and performance of this world-class drysuit.