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Coastal Fish Identification California to Alaska Book

The most comprehensive pictorial identification guide ever published of the fish that inhabit the West Coast of North America. The 3rd edition features 15 new species added, 53 new picture replacements, and more than 60 corrections and changes throughout the book.
Trying to identify a specific fish from the more than 300 species that inhabit the coastal waters of the North American Pacific Coast can be a perplexing task. To help simplify the process, families are arranged into nine color-coded and numbered ID groups. Each group is distinguished by similar physical and/or behavioral characteristics than can be recognized underwater.
Common and scientific names, the general size, depth, distinctive features, description, distribution, habitat and behavior and reaction to divers of each species is listed next to a full color photograph.
More than 350 beautiful photographs of species in their natural habitat showcase this ultimate field guide for all California and west coast scuba divers.