$ 27.95 USD

3mm Hunter Socks 

High stretch neoprene anti-slip dive socks from Cressi in the hunter camouflage keep you blended into your environment, while comfortable in your full foot fins. The inner area of these dive socks is lined with Metallite to make slipping them on quick and easy. Warmth is held in from your extremities with the 3mm thickness. These single lined dive socks are easy to don, as the interior is coated with a Metallite finish. The dive sock soles feature a non-slip lining, helping to keep your foot from slipping out of a fin foot pocket. Choose the Camouflage effect to match with other products, such as wetsuits and rash guards.

Cressi Hunter Spearfishing Socks Features:

  • Camouflage pattern for blending into the environment
  • Mettalite inner lining for easy donning
  • No-slip lining on sole
  • Single lined 3mm construction
  • Matches the a variety of Cressi Wetsuits & Rashguards