$ 29.95 USD

 3mm Solo Hood

The Solo hood features a smooth neoprene seal along the outline of the face and on the chin area to limit water entry. Double lined neoprene for added warmth in colder water. The contoured shape provides a better fit and the hood seams are glued and flat-lock stitched for added comfort.


  • Smooth neoprene seal along the outline of the face and chin
  • Double lined neoprene for added warmth
  • Contoured shape for a better fit and comfort
  • Seams are glued and flat-locked stitched
  • Unisex hood designed to keep warm while scuba diving or snorkeling in cold water.
  • Made of high-stretch Neoprene thick 3 mm for exceptional comfort and fit.
  • Unique vent design releases the air trapped at the top of the head.
  • Hanging loop located at the top for easy drying.