$ 114.95 USD

Gara 3000 LD

Its characteristics are identical to Gara 3000 HF, but with blade made in softer materials, for a less hard and exhausting swimming with fins. This fins have been designed for long and cold waters’ usage, they guarantee a perfect relationship effort / features.

Cressi maintains its particular philosophy of making one-piece fins. When there’s a molecular fusion of the materials the effort transmission is radically higher than when produced in the classic interchangeable configuration.

Gara 3000 LD version can be distinguished from its sister HF by its light grey blade and because it has a composition 15% more flexible, ideal for medium and medium-high levels of fishing and apnea. It obtains better features also swimming on the surface, almost touching the seabed and making less muscular abrasion.

Its advanced design pretends to obtain the maximum efficiency of the used materials: propylene and thermoplastic rubber of two different hardness.

Technical features

  • Blade with “spina di pesce” profile of decreasing thickness (from 5.5 mm to 2.5 mm) to make the curving to be more progressive eliminating the skidding tendency, since the first half of the set is more rigid and the last half is more flexible.
  • More rigid thermoplastic rubber (black) applied on the nerves, on the whole foot pocket’s sole and also on the headband over the instep to make the effort’s transmission to be immediate without dispersing on rubbery compositions.
  • The foot pocket has more thickness to a better feet fixation, which maintains a very flexible composition.
  • Each size has a blade proportional to its measurements, maintaining an identical rigidity and surface level no matter who is the user. There’s the possibility of purchasing separately in case of loss or break.