$ 154.95 USD

Gara Turbo Sprint Fins

The new Gara Turbo Sprint fin is a shorter version of the Gara Turbo fin.

Sprint is designed to meet the needs of freedivers and spearfishers who practice this sport in wintertime and when a blade as long as Impulse is not necessary.

Both fins have been designed using expensive finite element software programs that allow highly complex and
equally high-performance sections to be defined.

The blade of Sprint, like the Impulse blade, is mad of a single thermoplastic elastomer, although it would be more correct to refer to an angled sublayer and an overlay.

The sublayer follows the shape and dimensions of almost the entire fin.

It has a uniform thickness and a flexible longitudinal propulsion wing of variable length.

When disassembled, the blade and foot pocket occupy the space of a normal snorkeling fin.


  • Excellent propulsive performance without tiring anyone, beginners or professionals
  • Thermoplastic rubber foot pocket, certified Full Contact
  • Standard blade/stringer interface with screws under the foot pocket and side clips
  • Extremely thin and light blade in compound made of
  • elastomerized technopolymers developed by Cressi with different thicknesses
  • Stringer consisting of technopolymers with elastomeric loads with high flexural modulus
  • Foot pocket/blade angle of 29 degrees
  • All fin components are also supplied separately.