$ 349.95 USD

Giotto 2-Gauge Console Computer -Imperial

Cressi Giotto 2-Gauge Computer Console features triple-button interface that allows programming gauge modes, air, and nitrox effortlessly. With HD screen and large size numerical display, Giotto is still travel-friendly and compact. It comes with clearly audible alarms and a visible indicator to inform about the battery life. You can re-set the Cressi Giotto 2-Gauge Computer Console after use. Re-setting is the best option for a rental department. Equipped with new algorithm, the Giotto Computer ensures protective decompression calculations of multi-day repetitive dives. The software manages 2 hyper-oxygenated different mixtures.

Technical Specs:

Cressi Giotto 2 Computer Consoles:

  • Complete Console Ensures Computer Assisted Safe Diving
  • Desmopan & Polycarbonate Console Boot
  • Scratch, Impact, and Shock Resistant
  • 7/16" Threaded High Pressure Hose

Cressi Giotto Computer:

  • Mixed Gas First Dive Computer Manufactured by Cressi
  • Triple-Button Interface Allows Programming Gauge Modes, Air, & Nitrox Effortlessly
  • HD Screen
  • Large Size Numerical Displays
  • Travel-Friendly & Compact Size
  • Battery Time Indicator
  • Audible Alarms
  • Quick Re-Set Option
  • RGBM Algorithm