$ 68.95 USD

Inox Finned Shaft Ø 7mm

Spear shaft has a Tahitian style tip with a single flopper barb that hugs the spear shaft for maximum penetration, yet provides superior holding power once it penetrates the fish. Cressi Inox Spear Shafts are notched and ready to use on spear guns. Flopper style spear made with spring stainless steel, heat treated to increase hardness and prevent bending. The original Cressi shark-fin tabs have a smooth finish capable of holding 1 or 2 power bands per tab. The 115 cm spear shaft long features two tabs; three tabs are used on the longer shafts versions.


  • 7mm Inox Shaft 
  • Tempered Stainless Steel
  • 7mm (0.28") Shaft
  • Fit's Multiple Cressi Spear Guns
  • Replacement 7mm Shaft
  • Tahitian Style Tip with Single Flopper Barb
  • Shark-Fin Tabs w/Smooth Finish, Hold 1 or 2 Bands per Tab