$ 1,199.99 USD

 Quartz Essence Cold Water Package

Ideal Scuba Package for diving lovers. The equipment offers everything you need to dive in cold or in temperate waters. The set consists of the Quartz BCD, MC9-SC/Compact Pro regulator, Octopus Compact Pro, Donatello Console 2. A large capacity mesh bag is included, ideal for carrying the wet equipment.

Quartz BCD

The Quartz BCD is made of Cordura Denier 500 ideal for intense use, and resistant to scratches and cuts, and has a reinforced neck to avoid possible tears from falling bottles with the vest. It features the Integrated Flat-Lock Weight System that makes it very easy to remove the ballast. It features a safety whistle integrated on the sternal buckle. Large side zipped pockets.

MC9-SC/Compact Pro

The MC9-SC/Compact Pro is designed to be used in cold water, making it versatile to be used anywhere on any trip. It features an hyperbalanced membrane that allows for effortless breathing. 2 HP and 4 LP ports available for different use. The second stage has a compact size and the air exhalation is pushed sideways not obstructing the visibility.

Donatello Console 2

The Donatello Console 2 is an essential device for safe diving. It is equipped with the recent Donatello computer, which offers all the information necessary for the dive: depth, dive time, remaining time, and so on. The computer is equipped with the RGBM algorithm which constantly calculates the decompression curve inviting the diver to perform Deep Stops.

The analog Pressure Gauge is included in the console providing the remaining air level available. The Gorgona is a duffle-style mesh bag made of the strong 600-D polyester PUX2 fabric that lets water drain easily. It has a capacity of 138.6 liters | 4.89 cu ft.

The scuba packaged is offered not assembled. The product is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.