$ 349.95 USD

Start Pro 2.0 BCD

Its high level of buoyancy (notably in the smaller models) makes this jacket ideal for beginners, diving schools or renting.

The basic version of the BCD has received excellent reviews in dive centers. Large wings and large capacity pockets to optimize the buoyancy/size ratio. 2 very big multipurpose zip pockets Integrated weight system. Size shown on the shoulder pad on a rubber patch. Enables better stock management for schools and rental operations in diving centers. Cordura 500 Denier on the outside panel and Nylon 420 Denier on the inside. 

Backpack as lean and compact as possible for exceptional lightness. Ultra-durable and semi-flexible. Thermoplastic rubber damper for enhanced tank anchoring. Double waistband strap available. Safety strap included. Waist strap independent of the air bladder and cummerbund. This means the strap can be tightened while the jacket is deflated without constricting the diver's stomach when the jacket is inflated. 


  • 500 denier cordura (exterior) and 420 denier nylon (interior)
  • External ballast-carrying pockets with quick-release
  • safety buckle
  • 2 very big multipurpose zip pockets
  • ultralight rigid backplate with carrying handle.
  • 3 pressure relief valves.
  • Four 40 mm engineering plastic D-rings
  • (2 on the shoulder straps
  • and 2 on the lower part of the air cell.
  • Two 25mm engineering plastic D-rings on the pockets.
  • Size indicated clearly on the shoulder strap.
  • Shoulder straps with 50mm buckles.