$ 3,210.00 USD

TLS 350 Men's Drysuit

Excellent for sport and performance divers, this drysuit has set the industry standard for what divers have come to expect from a drysuit. Durable, fast drying and lightweight for travel. The TLS350 is so versatile that it has become the primary choice for underwater photographers, deep cave explorers and the US Navy SEALs. By varying the insulation underneath, you can use the TLS in the warm waters of Florida to the ice-covered seas of Antarctica.

Our most lightweight & fast drying drysuit available, the TLS350, is constructed with high-quality trilaminate materials that were initially developed to meet chemical warfare requirements. In the 1980's the US military issued a request for a suit made of the lightest material available which would demand little maintenance and be easily mended or patched if necessary. At this time, combat swimmer suits were typically of the vulcanized rubber type, which, although tough, exhibited poor swimming characteristics. While the military searched for a more suitable alternative, an actual swim test was needed to quantitatively compare the vulcanized rubber suit to new designs. The test required swimmers to don their respective suits, and swim a measured distance in a specified time. The TLS350 faired very well with respect to self-donning and “swimmability.” Interestingly enough, the features that made this suit desirable to military divers and search and rescue teams made it desirable to cave divers.

The TLS’ telescopic torso design yields a suit that is both streamlined and self-donning. It allows enough material to be available for a full range of motion without at the same time promoting drag. Because fabric suits do not stretch as much as neoprene suits, if there is not enough material available, the diver’s range of motion will be restricted. Also, to ensure longevity while still maintaining a full range of motion, the number of seams must be kept to a minimum. This requires a careful balancing act. Utilizing Special Production (i.e. Cave Cut) or appropriately sized stock suits, a proper fit can be achieved, allowing a diver to have the most streamlined and “swimmable” exposure protection possible while incorporating sound thermal protection.


*Made to Measure is additional $500.
**Suit is ordered directly from DUI when purchased.


  • Select Series: 15 Men's and 18 Women's Sizes Available - See Size Chart
  • Signature Series: DUI uses 20 measurements to custom tailor your drysuit for a perfect fit. Each Signature Series suit is designated with a Signature Series patch.


  • Drysuit fabric is a trilaminate material made of nylon / butyl rubber / nylon in black
  • Diagonal front-entry zipper or Shoulder entry available
  • Telescoping torso and crotch strap
  • Suspenders
  • Swivel inlet and adjustable, automatic exhaust valves
  • Zipper guard
  • Warm neck collar
  • Internal waist adjustment cord
  • Double layer material over knee area for extra durability
  • Drysuit Bag and ZipStick™


Upper Body Design:

  • Pro (one color)
  • Elite (one color with accent piping)
  • Pro Stripe  – Up to three color accent stripes

Attached Boots:

  • TurboBoots™
  • RockBoot™ System
  • UltraFlex™ Boots
  • TurboTec™ upgrade available at additional charge*

Waterproof Zippers

  • YKK Metal


  • ZipSeals™ in Latex or Silicone
  • Attached Latex
  • Attached Neoprene
  • Any combination