$ 140.00 USD

Carbon Fiber Single Tank Adapter

The Halcyon Single-Tank Adapter, STA attaches securely to the Halcyon Single Cylinder BC systems. The Carbon Fiber STA is ideal for the traveling diver seeking to reduce luggage weight.

The sleek design of this STA allows the BC system to be mated closer to the cylinder versus the stainless steel STA, allowing the diver's cylinder and valve to be closer to them while diving. The Carbon Fiber STA is a great solution for divers who enjoy their standard or small Carbon Fiber backplate and wish to reduce the overall weight of their dive system. 

This product is hand crafted and not stamped from a template; there is an art to the build process and with all Halcyon products, the difference is in the details.


  • Brings BC system closer to the body versus the standard stainless steel STA
  • Black Carbon Fiber with Steel Channel Bolts
  • 0.11 kg / 0.25 lbs (without straps)
  • .7 kg / 1.55 lbs (with straps)
  • 6.35 CM / 2.5 IN x 34.92 CM / 13.75 IN
  • Attaches securely to Halcyon single cylinder BC systems
  • 4 slots included for desired cylinder mounting strap location
  • This Single Tank Adapter does not have a weight insert option