$ 24.95 USD

Having the right spares on-hand when out diving can make or break a dive. Don't let a malfunctioning BCD over-pressure relief valve (OP)/pull dump ruin a day of diving, always carry a spare. This Hollis OPV/Pull Dump can get you out of a bind when you really need it. Valve is a complete kit with vent cap, pull cord with knob, spring and relief valve. Easy to install and made from durable polycarbonate plastic and rubber with corrosion resistant metal spring this OPV makes a great save-a-dive-kit item. 


  • O.P. Valve Equipped with Pull Knob for Easy Venting of Air
  • Automatically Relieves Pressure, Won't Rupture Air Bladder
  • Great for Trimming Buoyancy
  • Important Save-a-Dive Kit Item
  • Durable Polycarbonate Construction
  • Easy to Install