$ 419.95 USD

62X First Stage Regulator

The 62X first stage breaks records as the smallest first stage in the diving market: it measures 63 mm and weighs only 464 g (DIN). This small but powerful diaphragm first stage is 10% smaller and lighter than its 52X predecessor and has 30% less volume.

Equipped with Auto Sealing (AST) technology that protects against water entering the first stage.

The core of the 62X has been redesigned to for an even better seal, making it an excellent regulator for diving in cold water. The addition of the optional Twin Balanced Piston (TBP) makes this one of the best performing regulators in cold water. The finish is chrome with a pearl-effect surface.

The technical innovations specific to the inner workings of this first stage include a new valve stem housing that is now sharper with a smaller cone radius and reduced angle to better define the sealing surface.