$ 133.95 USD

Avanti HC Pro Fins 

The Avanti HC Pro includes all the wonderful features of the Avanti HC - a large hyperchannel for increased performance/effort ratio and soft, comfortable foot pocket - with tri-material technology! The extra material means added elasticity when kicking, for super efficiency!

The Avanti HC Pro diving fins have a blade length ranging from 32.5 to 42 cm depending on the size. The fins have an elastic technopolymer blade and a highly durable thermoplastic rubber blade, which is at the same time soft and comfortable.
These fins offer excellent comfort and superior performance, combined with exceptional resistance to ageing. The channel effect of the Avanti HC Pro diving fins is high thanks to two slightly longer soft side channels. During the finning cycle, the fin bends into a "spoon" shape which creates more thrust with less effort. Two ribs have been inserted into the back of the blade.
The closed foot pocket has side ribs with rubber inserts, making it softer and offering superior comfort.


  •  Ergonomic soft liner with side inserts
  •  Hyperchannel-induced propulsive effect with an increased performance/effort ratio
  •  Ribs on the back of the blade that reinforce the blade while optimizing the oscillation geometry
  •  Over molding on the rear ribs further optimizes thrust and performance