$ 85.95 USD

Edge Mask

The Edge dive mask is made of hypoallergenic liquid silicone for superior durability and comfort. Integrated buckles on the frame. Durable and robust design.

The Edge diving mask is made of hypoallergenic liquid silicone which provides superior durability and excellent comfort. The shape of the face piece is designed to fit any face shape.
The nasal area has small ribs that serve to relieve pressure and make it more comfortable to use for a longer period of time. The design is hydrodynamic and has a wide field of vision.
The frame of this mask is compact and hydrodynamic and has a softer over molded section that creates a unique and sophisticated look.
The shape of the silicone strap is designed to ensure the best stability and comfort.


  •  Hydrodynamic bi-material frame
  •  Soft zones to improve the grip when wearing the mask
  •  Robust and durable construction
  •  Integrated buckles on the frame
  •  Extremely comfortable silicone face piece suitable for a variety of face shapes
  •  Available in 3 colours