$ 215.95 USD

Excite Open Heel Fins

Excite diving fins have a blade length that varies from 36 to 40 cm depending on the size. The fins have an open foot pocket. Made of innovative, high-performance materials, they provide superior thrust while minimizing leg fatigue and are made of bi-material.
The unique and effective distribution of rubber and TPO on the blade creates an enhanced channel thrust effect. The special channel thrust system creates a channel geometry that can move more water and create more thrust with the same amount of effort. The result is a high-performance fin for the most demanding divers.
Available in sizes XS to XL, the new fins come in three colors including blue and yellow.
The Excite version has a softer blade than the Excite Pro version.
In addition to these colors, the new, brightly colored elastic straps further improve the ergonomics of the new Excite diving fins.


  • Innovative materials for a more harmonious thrust
  • Enhanced channel thrust effect
  • Optimized to reduce fatigue
  • Color-coordinated elastic straps