$ 105.95 USD

Freediving Lanyard w/ Snap Release

The Mares Freediving Lanyard helps to raise the level of safety during freediving. The lanyard is destined to become a key item in the practice of vertical apnea even during training, thanks to its didactic (correct vertical position: for always having the same distance from the cable in both descent and ascent) and safety-related (for having your pupils always connected to the main cable during the activity) activities.

Composed of a cordura and neoprene bracelet with velcro closure and safety release for excellent comfort and ease of opening.

The 100cm steel cable is covered in yellow plastic material. The cable is connected at both ends with bracelet and carabiner through two sturdy joints (swivel) inserted to prevent any twisting during descent and ascent, for guaranteeing greater safety.

This lanyard uses an additional quick release carabiner connected to a ring of the bracelet, so that it can be released with extreme ease and to allow it to be used in other points as well, for example at the waist during dives made with the underwater frog technique.

A technical accessory suitable for professionals but also for occasional freedivers, these are important supports capable of allowing you to enjoy your passion for freediving, in pleasant and safe fashion.


  • Safety cable with release
  • The cable can be worn on the wrist in descents in constant weight (cwt), on the ankle in free diving (fim) or on the belt in constant buoyancy without equipment (cnf)
  • Quick release system on the cuff
  • Stainless steel carabiner
  • Yellow coated steel cable, 100 cm in length
  • Two joints at the ends of the cable
  • Additional quick release carabiner connected on a ring of the bracelet so that it can be released easily
  • The cable is mandatory during competitions and recommended during courses and training