$ 135.95 USD

Loop 2nd Stage Regulator

The Loop second stage has been designed and engineered in a way which allows the hose to be passed under the shoulder. This configuration means it can also be used with the hose coming from the left. Under-the-shoulder use reduces the risk of it getting caught during a dive and also reduces hose vibration when moving through the water.

The new integrated S-VAD (Sagittal VAD) system combined with the special profile of the internal deflector and the addition of a second exhaust valve allow for natural breathing at any depth, greatly increasing breathing comfort when diving.

The large silicone purge button allows for easy and immediate use, even when using thick gloves.

The new Loop is a compact and lightweight second stage.


  • It can be configured for left or right-handed use
  • An under-the-shoulder hose position
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Twin exhaust valves
  • Integrated sagittal VAD (S-VAD)
  • An oversized silicone purge button
  • Certified for use with 72X, 15X and 2S first stages

Note: LP hose not included