$ 339.95 USD

Mission 2 Pressure Gauge

The Mission 2 console is impressive due to its slim, ergonomic design and is fitted with four eyelets to be attached to the jacket. It includes the manometer suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and integrated in a shockproof plastic case. The depth gauge has a towed hand that displays the maximum depth reached during a dive. The case is designed so that the new Puck computer can be easily inserted in place of the depth gauge in the event of a subsequent upgrade.

Features of Dive Gauge:

  • New modular design
  • New, easy-to-read display
  • Brass case
  • Technopolymer window 
  • Phosphorescent dial

Features of Depth Gauge:

  • Phosphorescent dial
  • Oil-immersed
  • Maximum depth hand
  • Linear scale

Features of Console:

  • Protective rubber console
  • Multiple hook-up points