$ 645.95 USD

Mission Puck 3 Console Computer

The Mares Mission Puck 3 console includes the Puck computer, a compact pressure gauge and a compass with an ergonomically shaped chrome-plated brass body.

Access to the functions of the cpmputer is very intuitive, using a single button and the "Easy Access" system. In addition to air modes, it also offers the nitrox mode and bottom timer mode.

To further enhance safety, the high-contrast screen offers a large character display and readability of up to 170°. The screen lights up when needed, such as during night dives. Power is provided by an easily replaceable lithium battery.

The console has numerous anchor points so it can be attached in the most comfortable and preferred way for the diver.


  • Compact easy-to-read pressure gauge with an ergonomically shaped chrome-plated brass body
  • Intuitive user interface thanks to the simplicity of the single button
  • Analog compass
  • Logbook capacity: 35-hour dive profile with 20-second intervals
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Multiple lanyard attachment points
  • Integrated compass