$ 65.95 USD

Razor Pro Black Blade Fin 

Razor Pro Black replacement blades for freediving fins, with a blade width of 22cm and a length of 63cm . The fins are extremely efficient thanks to the use of a modern polymer with the addition of elastomers, which optimize elasticity and reactivity. The blades have a differentiated thickness ranging from 6 mm in front of the shoe to 1.8 mm at the tip of the flap. The longitudinal channels on the blade are also such as to give greater reactivity without increasing the weight of the blade. The differentiated thickness along the blade allows for a parabolic flexion of the fin. The blade’s shoe angle is 22°. The flap has a dovetail profile, such as to help control lateral drift, also in consideration of the absence of water rails on these fins.


  • Interchangeable blade available in different variations
  • High quality elastomer tapered blade allows excellent agility and performance
  • For divers who like soft yet responsive fins
  • Ideal for medium depth and surface fishing
  • V-tip to prevent slipping from side to side during hitting