$ 127.95 USD

Sniper Alpha Speargun

Sniper Alpha pneumatic speargun for spearfishing with rigid frame in 25 mm anodized aluminum . The Sniper Alpha is reliable, simple and of high quality. Side release system, made entirely of stainless steel. New 7 mm hardy Tahitian shaft with single wing tip. Head with 14mm circular elastic.


  • 25 mm diameter external barrel in anodized aluminum
  • New compact head with circular elastic
  • Rod release and line release in stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle mimics the shape used for viper pro and cyrano evo hf • Configured for the installation of a vertical spiro reel
  • 7 mm threaded rod in pr80 galvanized steel
  • Single-fin harpoon tip
  • 14 mm s-power circular spring
  • Race ogive