$ 347.95 USD

Stainless Steel Backplate

Rugged, durable 3mm/6mm 316 stainless steel Backplate offers a wide range of accessory attachment options - all in modern XR style.


• 3mm/6mm 316 stainless steel
• Laser cut and engraved with 13 slots
• Curved lower edges
• Mares xr logo and laser cutting of the shaping
• Highly technical pre-shaping - unprecedented versatility
• Pushed to the limit through intense testing
• Total modularity: all harnesses and rear “donut” or horseshoe bags
• 8 Loops specifically designed for optimal harness positioning
• 2 upper and 2 lower loops to connect the straps directly to the tank
• The presence of only 2 loops provides sufficient lateral stability to tank without weakening the structure of the backpack
• Wide 5 cm/2” slot for the crotch/crotch strap
• 15 holes: 3 holes in the top of the backpack offer a wide range of height adjustments for bags and cylinders. In addition, a corresponding slot in the lower central part allows you to fix any misaligned bolts of the lower band
• 4 holes on the upper and lower perimeter along each side and 4 along the bottom allow the mounting of accessories