$ 91.95 USD

X-Free Mask

The X-Free diving mask is the new mask from the Scuba Diving product line. The design is expressly designed for diving: the seal between the over-moulded frame and the anatomical face piece is even more powerful.
The strap with ergonomic buckles offers easy adjustment while the embossed area on the nose facilitates balancing even with gloves. The weight is truly minimal: only 147 g of pure technology.
Available in multiple colour variations with buckles, frame and silicone (black, white, transparent and coloured base). The result is a line that satisfies the needs of all divers who care about their appearance.
The main features of the X-Free diving mask are:

- Overmoulded frame and anatomical silicone face piece
- Minimum distance between the lenses and the eyes
- Wide field of vision
- Lightweight
- Mask strap with ergonomic buckles for easy handling
- Embossed area on nose